The Origin of the Kimura

This is Masahiko Kimura.

The dude that submitted Helio Gracie in 1949 with a “Ude-Garami” shoulder lock.

This is the origin of the Kimura.

At their famed matchup in the sweat filled pits of Rio’s bare knuckle fights, in front of the Brazilian President and over 20,000 people…

Helio Gracie the founder of the Brazilain Jiu Jitsu style fought Judo Champion, Masahiko Kimura in the overfilled arena and after a fierce battle..

Masahiko  caught Helio’s shoulder in his famed and feared favorite submission…

A devastating submissions know in Japanese Judo as:

The “Ude-Garami” shoulder lock.

Masahiko twisted to the point he heard bone and ligaments cracking and popping… And Helio’s older brother Carlos had no choice but to call the fight, because Helio just wouldn’t tap to the foreigners hold.

Thus earning Mashahiko, the nickname “Kimura” for defeating the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Founder with his famous shoulder lock.

Masahiko “Kimura” was a mad man when it came to training.

A real Samurai type.

Only losing 4 Judo matches in his lifetime.. he considered quitting after every loss..Because to Mashahiko Kimura, a loss was a disgrace to himself, his teachers and Judo itself.

Masahiko Kimura had a long and tumults career of fighting and would return to Brazil to fight Helio again and also fight the Amazonian warrior, Valdemar Santana.. and after years of battles, he finally retired from the warrior way and settled down and became a Bonsai tree expert in his later years.. eventually dying at the age of 75 of lung cancer.

Masahiko Kimura’s legacy lives on today with the continuation of the move that he perfected.. The Kimura.

Below is a preview of Rafael Lovato Jr, performing the same style move that Kimura used to defeat the Helio Gracie over 50 years ago.

And now Lovato shares with you how he, not unlike Mashahiko Kimura so many years ago, used this devastating shoulder lock to take down the grandson of Carlos himself.. Kayron Gracie.

Shaun Smith
Managing Editor

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Click Here to Get A FREE copy of Rafael Lovato Jr’s Kimura Secrets DVD

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