• 74 Videos, 6 Hours, 5 Full Discs
  • Breaking down Rafael's complete Guard Game
  • Closed guard, Spider Guard, Cross Collar Guard,
    Z Guard, Lapel Control, De La Riva Guard,Shin
    to Shin Guard, X Guard, Reverse X Guard’
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  • Full Length Disc Series #1 Running Time 82 Minutes:
  • Technique 1 – Xande Sweep
  • Technique 2 – Xande Sweep to Back
  • Technique 3 – Xande Sweep to Back to Armbar
  • Technique 4 – Xande Sweep to Pendulum Sweep
  • Technique 5 – Underhook Sweep
  • Technique 6 – Underhook Sweep to Omoplata
  • Technique 7 – Omoplata Sweep to X-Guard
  • Technique 8 – Opening Guard – Setting up Spider
  • Technique 9 – Spider Guard Omoplata
  • Technique 10 – Spider Guard Triangle
  • Technique 11 – Spider Guard Omoplata with Lasso
  • Technique 12 – Spider Guard Grip Break with Armbar
  • Technique 13 – Omoplata Transition to Monoplata
  • Technique 14 – Armbar Counter to Counter
  • Technique 15 – Quick Monoplata
  • Full Length Disc Series #2 Running Time 89 Minutes:
  • Technique 16 – Hammer Sweep
  • Technique 17 – Hammer Sweep to Triangle/Omoplata
  • Technique 18 – Hammer Sweep with DLR
  • Technique 19 – De La Riva Sweep
  • Technique 20 – De La Riva X Sweep
  • Technique 21 – Shin Hook to Triangle/Omoplata
  • Technique 22 – Terere Sweep from Spider Guard
  • Technique 23 – Spider Guard Omoplata from Standing
  • Technique 24 – Foot in Bicep Sweep
  • Technique 25 – Spider Guard to Z Guard
  • Technique 26 – Z Guard Sweep Backwards
  • Technique 27 – Z Guard to Figure 4 Sweep
  • Technique 28 – Z Guard to One Legged X
  • Technique 29 – Spider Guard to Sitting Up Around Leg Pe De Pano Sweep
  • Technique 30 – Pe De Pano Sweep Usinig Inverted De La Riva
  • Technique 31 – Sitting up Around Leg Shin to Shin Hook Sweep
  • Technique 32 – Shin to Shin to Backwards Sweep
  • Full Length Disc Series #3 Running Time 95 Minutes:
  • Technique 33 – Basic X-Guard Sweep
  • Technique 34 – X Guard Sweep Backwards
  • Technique 35 – X Guard to Back
  • Technique 36 – X Guard Variation
  • Technique 37 – X Guard Variation to Overhead Sweep
  • Technique 38 – X Guard Variation to Omoplata/Triangle
  • Technique 39 – Reverse X Guard
  • Technique 40 – Reverse X Guard to Back or Sweep
  • Technique 41 – One Legged X Guard With Inverted Kick
  • Technique 42 – One Legged X and They Stand
  • Technique 43 – Curu Curu Sweep
  • Technique 44 – Lo Sweep
  • Technique 45 – Lo Entry Transitions
  • Technique 46 – Dealing with Headquarters
  • Full Length Disc Series #4 Running Time 61 Minutes:
  • Technique 47 – Inverted DLR From Spider
  • Technique 48 – Inverted DLR to Reverse X Guard
  • Technique 49 – Roleta Sweep
  • Technique 50 – Plyer Sweep
  • Technique 51 – Cross Collar & Sleeve Omoplata
  • Technique 52 – Cross Collar & Sleeve Triangle
  • Technique 53 – Super Scissor Sweep
  • Technique 54 – Face Plant Sweep
  • Technique 55 – Face Plant Follow Ups
  • Technique 56 – Simple Backwards Sweep
  • Technique 57 – Getting Under From Cross Collar
  • Technique 58 – Getting Under to Backwards Sweep
  • Full Length Disc Series #5 Running Time 92 Minutes
  • Technique 59 – Loop Choke Secrets
  • Technique 60 – Cross Collar & Sleeve Hook Sweep
  • Technique 61 – Hook Sweep to One Legged X
  • Technique 62 – Hook Sweep to Cross Choke
  • Technique 63 – Faceplant & Ankle Pick When They Have One Leg Up
  • Technique 64 – Cross Collar Shin to Shin to One Legged X
  • Technique 65 – Cross Collar Variations When They Stand
  • Technique 66 – Cross Collar Omoplata From Standing
  • Technique 67 – Cross Collar Extension Omoplata
  • Technique 68 – Cross Collar Transition to DLR
  • Technique 69 – Cross Collar Short DLR Elevation Sweep
  • Technique 70 – Cross Collar Elevation Sweep Back to Omoplata
  • Technique 71 – Setting Up Grips When Unattached
  • Technique 72 – Setting Up Grips When Unattached #2
  • Technique 73 – Review of “Box” Concept and Guard Headquarter
  • 5 Full length DVD discs - 74 Videos - Over 6 HOURS of content - Breaking down Rafael's complete Guard system.
  • Get Rafael's entire tournament winning Guard system that will enable you to set up sweeps, transitions and submissions from all the most popular Guard positions.
  • The "never-before- revealed" secrets to Rafael's Guard success: Dominate-Control-Finish Formula that makes envy of all your training partners, when you start submitting and dominating guys who used to embarrass you and pass your guard. No Longer will you have to endure the shame of getting your guard passed.
  • Closed guard, Spider Guard, Cross Collar Guard, Z Guard, Lapel Control, De La Riva Guard, Shin to Shin Guard, X Guard, Reverse X Guard, plus many more variations of the Guard for you to add to your game.
  • The Guard Mastery DVD Set is designed for BJJ fighters of all levels. From white to black belt, Rafael's teaching style will give you the ability to easily absorb this content and add it to your game immediately after watching it.
  • There is a 30 day "Iron-Clad-No-Risk-Money-Back Guarantee" on this product. For any reason at all, if you feel this product did not EXCEED your expectations, then you can send it back to us for a COMPLETE and FULL 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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  • The Guard Mastery 5 disc set is grounded in building the skill set to develop a well rounded guard and having the ability to set up DOMINATE positions and use them to finish the fight.
Roleta Sweep

Rafel does a great job with this and his other DVD sets.This one is changing my guard game and his Brabo disc has changed my half guard game.I look forward to making the drive over to OKC to train with him in person soon.Thanks again.

- Jeremy Gwin - Blue Belt

Been practicing the moves on the DVD for the last week, and while it is early days, I can see and feel a huge opponents balance is.The lessons in there DVD's are so precise that it will keep you busy for years to come.

- Mac Fionmhacain - Blue Belt

To Mr Lovato Jr.All I may say is that Guard Mastery System has open my eyes to a whole new idea of BJJ.I am a white belt at this moment I am playing my guard at a different level just by implying a small precentage of what I may remember.Once again thank u for sharing your knowledge.

- Gary Jones - White Belt

The Guard Mastery DVD has a really improved the way I work off my back. Sweeps come quicker/easier and submissions quickly follows. Amazing detail and outstanding instruction.

- Eric Hable - White Belt

This series was Fantastic as I have come expect from Lovato Jr. I have the Seal the Deal series as well. The best part of these DVD's is that they are not just a grouping of techniques, but concepts and moves that build off each other. I love how you start with one move and if they defend, you build onto the series so I know how to counter.
Absolutely fantastic instruction! I keep recommending your work to all my teammates at the gym.I'm hoping to get the Pressure Passing System soon! Great for all levels!

- Michael Bushmann - Purple Belt

I always felt I had a very stale guard game,so naturally wanted to always be on top. With Raphael Lovato Jr.'s "guard mastery" DVD, I am landing numerous sweeps such as the Xande sweep and Hammer Sweep on a consistent basis.This DVD will help all levels from White to black belt and Raphaels breakdown and instruction of each technique is clear methodical. Do yourself a favour and get this DVD. I liked it so much and saw improvement with my game I purchased his mount attacks DVD as well.

- Matt Burke - Purple Belt

Rafel's Guard Mastery DVD's refreshed many of my guard techniques and I learned additional details that have helped me set up and finish sweeps and submissions on people that have a very good base and submission defence.

- Jimmy Terrell - Black Belt

The little details that are shown in great detail are what has helped my game a lot...I feel very confident when going for movies.

- Stephen Williams - Black Belt