Save Jiu Jitsu Podcast Episode 2

Save Jiu Jitsu Podcast Episode 2 is now available!

In this episode you get behind the scenes access to Metamoris 3 from the Referee Scott Nelson and announcer Jeff Glover.

Also, Rafael Lovato Jr shares his thoughts on the event and what we can do to keep progressing the sport and art of Jiu Jitsu.

Just a few things you will get in this brand new episode recorded on April 1st 2014:

  • Rafael’s pics on the best and worst matches on the night
  • Find out who the identity of the BJJ superstar Jeff Glover had to restrain himself from throwing a chair at during the show
  • The real story from Scotty about the Royler and Eddie restart controversy
  • The celebrity basketball player that Jeff Glover is calling out to a challenge match in BJJ
  • Plus a bunch of other weird stuff

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