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This DVD is packed full of Rafael Lovato's most successful submissions from the mount.

The best part about these moves is that they are chained together.

This means they flow in combination with each other.

So even if one or two attacks don't work, you've got another one or two more coming to overwhelm even higher belts into submission!

Plus, Lovato exposes his precision control tips, set-ups and sneak attacks that will make you an aggressive submission hunter.

So once you gain the mount, your opponent has no time to think about escaping... only defending, until he ultimately falls into one of your traps.

Rafael Lovato Jr's Mount Attacks Full Length DVD

(12 Tracks, 60 Minute DVD Run Time)

Get Rafael’s Mount Attack DVD for OVER 50% off the regular price and take your BJJ game to a new level today! Be a KILLER from the mount position.. These are Rafael’s most EFFECTIVE mount finishes!

Here are some of the mount attacks you'll discover...

  • The X Choke (and How to Keep the Mount): Attack with your big guns blazing using Lovato's strongest mount submission. Plus... How your offense also shuts down your opponent's "exit plan", and how his attempt to escape actually moves you closer to choking him out.
  • X Choke to Arm Bar: So you missed the X Choke? Sweet! Because this means your opponent is begging for you to attack his arm just like this. Lovato reveals the step-by-step details to land the arm bar (while breaking your opponent's grips and leaving no opportunity for escape).
  • Lovato's Favorite Grip Break: Learn: which arm you should use to hold the arm and why... the perfect hand placement to weaken his grip... and how to literally "pop" his hand free and right into your arm bar submission. With these simple secrets, you'll never hesitate or doubt your arm bar skills again.
  • Surprise Arm Bar Attack: Ever try to dismantle a death-grip arm bar defense? With this surprise attack, you won't have to. He'll never know you're attacking his opposite arm until he's forced to tap!
  • Rafael's Ezekiel Choke: The set-up alone cripples your opponent's mount escape. And when you apply these 3 secret adjustments, you'll land a faster, more effective finish to this neck-crushing maneuver.
  • Transition to Head and Arm Choke: Move to this next link in the submission chain as soon as your opponent tries to block your Ezekiel. You'll also see how to make this choke tighter and more devastating with a simple shift from mount to knee-on-belly.
  • The Head and Arm Ezekiel: Perfect for when your opponent defends the Head and Arm Choke. Just when he thinks he's created space between his arm and neck, he finds himself handing you this Ezekiel choke on a silver platter!... you simply slip your fist against his neck from behind for a surprise Ezekiel he never saw coming. All details revealed from set-up to the finish.
  • The Lapel Bow and Arrow Choke: The 4th link in this devious submission chain... a simple transition from the Head and Arm Choke with two ways to finish it. Plus, how to secure the choking grip even if he thinks he's stopping you with his hands.
  • The Double Under Hook Arm Bar: A simple, ingenious move that leaves you with your choice of your opponent's arms to submit via arm bar. Plus, Lovato sprinkles in some reminders on how to annihilate his grip defense and leave him tapping for relief.
  • Arm Bar As You're Getting Rolled Over! Just when your opponent thinks he's got you, he doesn't! Use this move to fall right into an arm bar with a couple of "what-if" finish variations. And if all else fails, Lovato shows you how to take the back and still maintain dominant control!

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Rafael Lovato Jr’s Mount Attacks Full Length DVD

12 Tracks, 60 Minute DVD Run Time

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