Kurt Osiander Tattoo Image

Tattooing from the Ground Up–Interview with Kurt Osiander

Kurt Osiander is a beloved figure in the sport and lifestyle of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, known for his insightful and colorful instructional videos and his classic catchphrases like “Shut up and Train.” Earning his black belt from the legendary Ralph Gracie in 2003, Kurt went on to a successful MMA career and is currently head…

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BJJ Homework-Luke Tirey Image

BJJ Homework – Luke Tirey

Luke Tirey is the founder and creator of Green Strength dedicated to the mission of increasing the health and longevity of his students. Among his students are BJJ superstars like Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader who hone their World Championship fitness levels with Luke. Okay, I’m gonna keep this to the point and use…

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Live BJJ Seminar With Rafael Lovato Jr and Clark Gracie Replay

Live BJJ Seminar With Rafael Lovato Jr and Clark Gracie Replay

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Save Jiu Jitsu Podcast Episode 2

Save Jiu Jitsu Podcast Episode 2 is now available! In this episode you get behind the scenes access to Metamoris 3 from the Referee Scott Nelson and announcer Jeff Glover. Also, Rafael Lovato Jr shares his thoughts on the event and what we can do to keep progressing the sport and art of Jiu Jitsu.…

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Save Jiu Jitsu

Save Jiu Jitsu  Jiu Jitsu is about controlling, dominating and FINISHING your opponent. Not “playing” for little advantage points.  Do you know what the most important aspect of having a really, really dangerous jiu jitsu guard game that allows you to dominate and FINISH your opponent is? I can tell you one thing it’s not… …

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bruce lee jiu jitsu

Bruce Lee – The Original Mixed Martial Artist – Guest blog post by Roger Gracie Black Belt: Nicolas Gregoriades

Guest Blog Post by Roger Gracie Black Belt: Nicolas Gregoriades Before I even started jiu jitsu, I remember a highly respected martial artist saying to me “If Bruce Lee were alive today he’d be training with the Gracie family.” That left a lasting impression on me. I wondered why he thought someone so heavily invested…

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The Origin of the Kimura

This is Masahiko Kimura. The dude that submitted Helio Gracie in 1949 with a “Ude-Garami” shoulder lock. This is the origin of the Kimura.  At their famed matchup in the sweat filled pits of Rio’s bare knuckle fights, in front of the Brazilian President and over 20,000 people… Helio Gracie the founder of the Brazilain…

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What techniques should you focus on in bjj training, developing a philosophy – Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Henry Akins

Guest Blog Post with Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Henry Akins: What techniques should you focus on in bjj training, developing a philosophy With access to so much information on Jiu-Jitsu available online and in books these days and so many different styles and techniques It can become overwhelming for students to know what to start…

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We Are Artists BJJ Mini Documentary

Gain a valuable insight into the motivation and life of Rafael Lovato Jr, and get inspired to follow your dreams and get yourself on the mat with this extremely well done documentary by Stuart Cooper. This amazing video breaks down the fire and passion that we all feel for this sacred art of Brazilian Jiu…

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Rafael Lovato Kimura Secrets Mindmap

The Rafael Lovato Kimura Secrets Mindmap  Check out this mind map of Rafael’s Kimura Secrets DVD.. For those of you that learn visually, this is a breakdown of Rafael’s entire Kimura game and exactly what you get in the Kimura Secrets DVD. Rafael has submitted some of the best in the game with his vicious…

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